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Supplier of Salon and Skincare Equipment

About Athena Beauty Inc.

Athena Beauty Inc. was established in 1993, the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom emphasizing the beauty of women. The logo has been used in our products since 1994.

We are a New Jersey company and have been doing business and serving our clients all over the nation from the Middlesex county for over 20 years. We distribute high quality skin care equipments, salon furniture and equipments. Our bases are all over the world from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China to Germany. Our strength is in wholesale distribution and retailing, as well as specialized OEM projects.

Our business philosophy is to bring the highest quality service and products possible to our clients. We believe in long term relationships and we do our best to satisfy our clients. We have a high percentage of clients coming back to us as a result of our service. In many cases, we are the pioneer in this industry. Athena Beauty was one of the first companies to carry microdermabrasion machine back in 1998.

In our second decade, we look forward to strengthen our service and project list to keep up with the changing trends of the world. We highly value our clients opinions and will strive to satisfy your needs.